Aviation Solution

The strict competition within the aviation industry force businesses to operate with maximum efficiency, this would include the availability and price per ticket, wider range of destinations, and proper management of registered agents. The aviation industry form mutual relationship with other industries to support each other, the success of industry such as travel agents would generate higher ticket sales; hence, improve the performance of the aviation business.

All airlines provide a website to do a direct ticket purchase; this would be very convenient for individual or small group of people to fly to various destinations. However, the system may not handle, and manage significantly larger group well. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system that caters to the need of group booking, that able to handle agent, passenger, scheduling, payment, and most importantly assurance of ticket availability for the group.

“Aviation is for the common man. My goal is to enable everyone to fly. It shouldn’t be only for the rich.”  – Tony Fernandes, AirAsia

Three problems that a group booking system consolidates.

Provide a portal specifically to accommodate group booking.

Provide competitive pricing automatically.

Better management of agent, flight, passenger, and payment.

Provide a portal specifically to accommodate group booking

Travel agents need assurance on seat and schedule availability, the conventional way of booking for large is utilizing the online portal to purchase the group slots multiple times. This would sometime not be possible as maximum number per order is limited. Each booking order consumes times to complete, from flight selection, passenger information entry, additional itinerary per passenger, to payment times the number necessary to cover all group members.

Group booking portal enables agent to easily book in larger number, upload passenger info, and itinerary per passenger faster; hence, freeing time that is consumed so that more booking orders per working day.

Provide competitive pricing automatically

Another downfall of booking for large number of group with a given booking site beside the time consume to complete the booking, is the various rate per seat which generate more issue for agent to calculate in condition of providing travel packages. Determining the price per person, add to the difficulty of the calculation of package price beside the accommodation price that travel agent need to formulate.

Group booking portal simplifies the formulation of travel package, hence giving more focus on the quality of travel package, perhaps a bargain chip to use for adjusting the price of accommodation if any included in package sales.

Better management of agent, flight, passenger, and payment

Travel agent need to be flexible in accommodating the travel needs of every passenger, this may be in the special needs by individual, payment type, and the need of insurance beside other needs. The more service can be provided the higher positive image for the respected businesses. However, this process cannot be too complicated that will hold up resources.

Group booking enable to do just that, the travel agent would be able to easily manage passengers and their needs. In addition, the aviation industry can monitor monthly performance of registered agents and sales performance.