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Logistic Automation

Collexe has been helping businesses to operate at higher efficiency; in turn it will be able to reduce cost and maximizing profit. We understand the importance of proper logistic management can significantly improve the performance and reducing cost and human error. Streamlining phases of logistic process within a business model simplify the burden of dealing

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Eco Waste Management

Collexe has deep understanding and experiences within the Eco Waste Management industry. We care of the wellbeing of our environment; therefore, we would like to contribute in the best possible way we can by making waste management system that is more comprehensive and eco-friendly. Our involvement cycle covers all activities of waste management industry, such

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Aviation Solution

The strict competition within the aviation industry force businesses to operate with maximum efficiency, this would include the availability and price per ticket, wider range of destinations, and proper management of registered agents. The aviation industry form mutual relationship with other industries to support each other, the success of industry such as travel agents

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General Retail & Trade Business

Retailers today can capture a wealth of data—including detailed customer transaction histories—but most don’t have the analytics capabilities required to make the most of that information. Success requires sifting through data to discern what the numbers really mean, and then translating that understanding into tangible actions that improve the company’s financial and operational performance.

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Business intelligence For FMCG Business Empowerment

What if you can predict the future? Not only to predict, but also to have a high chance of success in your prediction. Never miss another golden opportunity to make quick & well informed decision, and to maximize company profit and potential. In FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, management of resources and profits

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