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AppCapsule Market Integration Strategy

GMO App Capsule is a platform to create android and ios application to facilitate promotion, loyalty, and online to offline concept. App Capsule is consisting of a range of time-saving features that facilitate customers’ engagement and satisfaction. Increase customers’ visit frequency, retention, and loyalty with a variety of features to fit your business needs. GMO

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Customer Retention Management

In today’s world of fierce competition, customer uncertainty and retention has become one of the constant headache for businesses. According to a research, 5% increase in customer retention leads to 25% increase in profit and customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. Marketers normally have a strong tendency to neglect established prospects in lieu

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Big Data & Business Insights

Company with ambitious plans for growth and supporting that growth will require the ability to inform key business decisions. The company’s legacy system had proved a bottleneck to this ambition, with a laborious database that was both cumbersome and frustrating to utilise. Not only did the established legacy system operate at a pace which caused

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Consulting & Enterprise Service

Collexe offers digital transformation & IT change management services across range of industries from Environmental Business, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Marine Offshore business, Logistic & Transport, FMCG, to Retail & Distribution sectors. The firm delivers world-class IT solution, business blueprint that associate with the change management, and strategic software development service to emerging business around

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