Centralized AEON Big campaign and vouchering system for all Malaysia operations

Promotion is the tool that FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies use not only to communicate with prospective clients about companies and their products but also to attract buyer response in a stronger and quicker manner


FMCG companies use promotion to boost sales in short run by drawing consumers’ attention towards ongoing product offers. At the core, promotion uses the fundamental principles of human communication, keeps open the possibilities for constant evolve and adapts with the ever-changing strategic measures of modern business.

The FMCG industry needs a centralized system that simplifies the mode of promotion and also delivers real-time signals to store owners for promotional inventory management looms large on the horizon. The emphasis on improving modes of promotion from the traditional model can be justified once a direct leap is taken at the importance of promotion for customers.

Promotional campaign is one of the important tool to drive the movement of FMCG, these campaign for each promotion should be directed specifically for each customer buying pattern. The promotional in one branch may be different to promotional in the other branch. Therefore, in order to effectively increase sales turnover; there should be a centralized promotional management that can monitor the rate of success and can be adjusted to fit each retailer’s store buyer purchasing trend.

In Conclusion

The customers purchasing pattern, and history are good indicators on how to make the correct decisions on how the FMCG industry should be proceeding into. The sooner data can be collected and analyse by decision makers, the sooner crucial decision can be made to gain more sales that drives profit.

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