In today’s world of fierce competition, customer uncertainty and retention has become one of the constant headache for businesses. According to a research, 5% increase in customer retention leads to 25% increase in profit and customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. Marketers normally have a strong tendency to neglect established prospects in lieu of courting new business.

Losing customer is an indication for organizations to revamp their sales, marketing and customer service efforts and deploy the groundwork to win the customers back and build strong relationships.

Business Process Management / Workflow
Collexe provides consultancy on developing, and improving Business Process from technological perspective.
Collaboration Platform Deploy & Development
Collexe develop and deploy platform where business can have a tailored collaboration system specific to its needs; so that, businesses may perform better and cost effective.
Tailored Software Solutions
Collexe provides service to develop solution spesific of business request, and projection on how to improve the solution through comprehensive phase planning.
Aspects of Successful Customer Retention

Existing Customers Hold Critical Importance in Shaping Your Future Clientele

The probabilities of converting current customer into a regular customer is more than bringing in a new one. Loyal customers are your biggest promoters! They trust your products and services and are more likely to spend in your upcoming offerings than any new customer. Great Customer services enable these potential customers to share your brand and products with others and bring in some new customers for you thereby increasing your sales and clientele

Build Long-term Relationship with Customers

Salesforce can be your ultimate partner helping you in maintaining healthy and long-lasting relationship with existing as well upcoming customers. The various automated marketing tools like Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Social Studio can help in measuring and strengthening overall customer engagement.

Track Your Customers & Their Relationship with the Company

Pardot is a marketing automation tool integrated with AdWords that enables sales and marketers to track leads and every customer interaction. Based upon those interactions businesses can directly resolve the queries of customers who are interested in buying your products or services.

Recognize the Reason Why Customers Are Leaving

Delayed services and bad customer support are the main reasons why customers leave. Salesforce Wave Analytics can help you dig deeper into customer behavior and draw meaningful insights. Salesforce Field Service Lightning has the capability to communicate with the delivery drivers in real time which leads to reduction in delayed deliveries up to a great extent.

Identify the Key Points That Need Your Consideration to Retain

Potential customers require personalized content and great customer services. Businesses can retain customers for longer by offering personalized communication and excellent customer services. Thus, With Salesforce, keeping track of every customer interaction and their buying behavior has become easier for business that further helps them reconnect with customers. Widely available modern systems make it possible for an organization to log a customer service issue and resolve it immediately.

Organization capability
Cost reduce
Capital preserve
Profitable growth

Fast Decision Made for Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods

FMCG industry is primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management.

We have been able to help FMCG business to make decision faster, help to consolidate report, performance, and business indication more accurate. This is done by utilizing business intelligence to evolve the manual work of data analysis from spreadsheet of different departments to a single dashboard.

An interactive business intelligence dashboard lay on complex database; therefore, not only does it provides overview of many aspects of FMCG businesses such as nationwide sales, merchandise performance, and business indicators, but also detail information such as product sales per branch within a given period. This would be impossible to be gathered manually, which usually takes weeks, while it can be done by syncing to database daily with Business Intelligence

“..making the right decision quickly is the different between huge profit and loss.”

CUSTOMER RETENTION MANAGEMENT Benefits for Successful Business

Customers are the biggest assets for companies and they need to be taken care of. Adopting efficient CRM tools enable organizations to develop better customer relations. Salesforce CRM can help you to track every customer interaction, identifying the problem areas and provide a feasible solution that help you in retaining your customers for longer and makes your business more profitable.

Better customer monitoring and relationship

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Cost Effective and Improved Engagement

Better customer monitoring and relationship

monitor customer relations and flag problems or post reminders about upcoming events. Installing a simple program can simplify how a company keeps track of customers and provides helpful information. Technology is available to facilitate customer service training, monitoring, and follow-up.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

monitor customer relations and flag problems or post reminders about upcoming events. Installing a simple program can simplify how a company keeps track of customers and provides helpful information. Technology is available to facilitate customer service training, monitoring, and follow-up.

Cost Effective and Improved Engagement

A web application or software program is often significantly cheaper than hiring a department of customer service experts. The app can interact with customers to help answer their questions and solve problems. Available around the clock, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, a customer service app can reduce office costs while better addressing customer needs. Many consumers appreciate the time-saving benefit of working with technology online. Increase customer satisfaction and invest in improved loyalty by adopting client-friendly tech solutions.