Discovering New Source of Revenue through Pattern of Group Booking

Travelling pattern based upon data collected from group booking transaction provides a view of new travel repetitions. In order to fully benefit from this regular travel behaviors; Airasia needs to improve and adjust the business according to the travel trends.


We are eager to work with Airasia to grow its revenue by finding new ways to provide exceptional  services to  the customers. One of which is the expansion of  group booking system driven by insight of customers traveling pattern and interest. 

It derives from the idea that purchasing plane ticket in high numbers and as early as possible resulting in lower ticket price and better deals. Therefore, a system to cater this need is developed. The system should enable, beside purchasing in high numbers as early as possible, the ability to negotiate price.

It is based on the notion that a large number of groups of more than 50 people each may travel frequently within certain period. The group may have attended routine events or even those sponsored events.

We would like to help Airasia to capture the patterns, by developing a system that is adapted to efficiently manage frequent occurrence of traveling pattern by 50 or more people. 

The system involves travel agents, sales, manager, and analyst.  Each of the roles has limited to responsibility, to work hand in hand to fulfill the customers demand.

The demands may be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recurrence of event per year basis
  • Securing travel packages on per year basis
  • Plan ahead conference that invite large number of crowds
  • Company gathering events 

In Conclusion

Frequent needs of travelling in large group of more than 50 people is an opportunity for revenue growth. We help Airasia to grab this opportunity by developing a system that allows to book in advanced for large number of groups that occurring several times within a certain period. Therefore, giving an early revenue projection and an opportunity to utilize it in a different profitable manner. 

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