Accurate Management of Petronas' Offshore Logistic Needs

The oil and gas industry demands the highest standards in Logistic Management. The complexity and scale of the projects, in some of the world’s most difficult terrains and most remote locations, require proven expertise and total reliability.

Delivering Smart and User Oriented Logistic Monitoring System

The demand of high standards in offshore logistics is a must. Therefore, to meet and fulfill the logistics needs, it requires a monitoring information management system that can be adjusted according to one’s requirements.

The system that allows customers to track their shipments easily and as detailed information as required, in the way they need to see it.  The logistic information need to be presented in an interactive and easy to spot and understand. A dashboard that consist of preferred information according to customers priority, can deliver crucial information faster; hence, customers may make the crucial decision in a timely manner.

The system provides reporting tools that recorded all transactions and insights to logistics activities. Therefore, it drives significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. 

Capturing the data for logistics needs requires either the manual data entry or upload of  logistics list methods. These flexibility enable to capture all the logistics needs and providing different ways that may be preferred based on special condition.

The logistic system also provide alert mechanism that inform customers if certain criteria are not met. This is important because of the complexity of the offshore logistics, there may be some aspects that are being overlooks.  In turn this aspects will cause higher overhead for the logistics process.

In Conclusion

In order to meet the high standard of logistics requirement of offshore logistics needs, a tailored and user oriented system is needed. A system with capability of providing insights, custom reports, and alert monitoring will be the standard to deliver a significant improvement in productivity and efficiency.

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