Maximizing Application of Better Route Managament

Main focus in providing better route management is faster transaction with high standard of customer service. The assign jobs can be done in timely manner and monitored meticulously down to the last detail 


Most Businesses that involve transportation understand the consequences of improper operation management in transportation. The cost associated with inefficiency is to big to accept, because not only effect internal operational cost but also leave a bad image to the company.
In turn, bad image discourage business and hard to gain trust from customers.

Operation management in transportation involve driver, scheduler, and management. Driver will be able to perform its duty should jobs list assigned is clear, management would be able to plan the next move if driver able to update in real time the jobs assigned to the driver. Management depends on schedulers to plan daily, weekly, and monthly working schedule; therefore, able to predict revenue and addition of resources, even maintenance cost.

Our Solution

Deep understanding of each type of user needs & requirements is crucial in creating a great operational management system. Driver needs to have clear job assignment list, ease of use, and mobility. Scheduler needs to be able to quickly set daily, weekly and monthly job assignments utilizing the correct resources that are assigned to correct drivers. Management need to consolidate all required business process and  data to properly manage driver, resources, and scheduler.

Access of information need to be in real time, because optimize allocation of resources and jobs determine maximum possible revenue or loss of opportunity. If a resource not being utilize mean some jobs are being delayed or ignored, it can be fatal. All stakeholders should be involve and in sync with the process, because one depends on the others for a smooth operation.

Role of Driver, Scheduler, and Management 

Driver will need to access and update jobs data quickly. The system cut the time consume for the process significantly, because driver will be able to download all necessary information in real time. Information would be the assign job, detail of location, and additional services that company can provide through the driver.

Driver will start the working day by login in with mobile phone to view assign jobs, news & alert, and personal work related statistics. Each assigned job can be easily accessed and equipped with complete information of the job. Driver can see the map, or optimum distance need to be taken to complete the task. Another responsibilities of the driver is to update the status of the job to database repository using mobile phone.

Scheduler main responsibility is to create all daily, weekly, or monthly schedule based on the given and available resources and drivers. The scheduler also responsible in maintenance of resources and the availability of drivers. The system should ease the scheduling process by reducing redundant works and  creating a great user experience where scheduling process can be done quickly.

Management will overview all the process and be able to manage user, resources, and see the efficiency of works. Management should be able to make the profitable move by having a data driven decision.   

In Conclusion

The main consideration of the system  is to reduce logistic cost associated with transportation by optimizing routes for each of assigned driver, which in turn reduce the amount of carbon emission. The purpose is to prioritize environmental conservation without sacrificing business performance. 


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