Company with ambitious plans for growth and supporting that growth will require the ability to inform key business decisions. The company’s legacy system had proved a bottleneck to this ambition, with a laborious database that was both cumbersome and frustrating to utilise. Not only did the established legacy system operate at a pace which caused business hurdles, it presented strategic risk through the need for large elements of manual processes that generated significant exposure to human error.

Battling for actionable business insight
In making decision, Business needs to have a detail understanding of all business aspects. However, it usually has difficulty in obtaining and crunching the complete data that has valid credential or that is too complex.
Searching for a data-driven solution
Business would need to make decision based on the data gathered or generated during its business process. Moreover, it would need to analyze the data to provide actionable insight. These, would be much simpler with the empowerment of BI to analyze and provide actionable insight.
Opening up an interactive world of business insight
Business is able to have meaningful, data-driven conversations with management, sales teams, and partners. This provides the insight to make critical decisions from informed insight that can deliver real benefit for business and customers
Delivering critical insight with simple solutions using Microsoft Power BI

Battling for actionable business insight

Businesses were frustrated by the lack of detailed data and siloed functionality of the legacy systems. Utilising aggregated data limited the opportunity for informed decision making, with no key insight into critical sales analytics such as sell-in and sell-out. Furthermore, teams were hampered by a lack of collaborative ability in the software, meaning operations often happened in silos without shared data or teamwork.

These established challenges saw businesses looking for an alternative business analytics suite that could deliver the insight required to inform key business decisions. The goal was to adopt a solution which could deliver real-time insight and communication, while enhancing opportunity through rapid processing and easy accessing of key business data.

Searching for a data-driven solution

Most businesses are able to generate the data required to properly inform business decisions, and needed to find the software solution which could utilise that data in a system that provided actionable insight. The investment in this software was a step towards better business decisions to maximise sales and increase profitability. A key driver in that process was a business analytics suite that offered interactive reporting that was accessible and user-friendly, while offering the ability to adapt to continued business expansion. enterprise business intelligence framework

The detailed insight of Microsoft Power BI not only offered the interactive data functionality that many are seeking but, offered a software solution with lower costs per licence than any competitor system considered. The further ability to integrate into Microsoft 365 provided a company-wide solution that was both user-friendly and easily adopted. The ability to operate through simple Login ID systems also enabled a user flexibility which further complemented the company’s changing workforce and ambitious expansion plans.

Opening up an interactive world of business insight

Collexe Consulting in utilizing Microsoft Power BI platform, has successfully created an enterprise business intelligence framework using Collexe valuable combination of industry insight, functional and business-process expertise, as well as a thorough understanding of FMCG-specific metrics and KPIs. With accessible data at their fingertips, business is able to unlock a depth of key business data that empowers the organisation to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

Microsoft Power BI has enabled daily operations to be managed and monitored in a way that enhanced business productivity. Daily operational goals and objectives can be managed and monitored across departments, ensuring business needs are met. The depth of insight and collaborative approach isn’t the only benefit, but it has greatly enhanced speed of decision making.

With real-time insight, Microsoft Power BI has unlocked real-time opportunity for the business. We can access and act on data at a pace that suits our business needs, meaning we’ve always got the data we need to operate in a way which works best for our business.

Fast Decision Made for Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods

FMCG industry is primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management.

We have been able to help FMCG business to make decision faster, help to consolidate report, performance, and business indication more accurate. This is done by utilizing business intelligence to evolve the manual work of data analysis from spreadsheet of different departments to a single dashboard.

An interactive business intelligence dashboard lay on complex database; therefore, not only does it provides overview of many aspects of FMCG businesses such as nationwide sales, merchandise performance, and business indicators, but also detail information such as product sales per branch within a given period. This would be impossible to be gathered manually, which usually takes weeks, while it can be done by syncing to database daily with Business Intelligence

“..making the right decision quickly is the different between huge profit and loss.”

business insight Benefits for Successful Business

Collexe has been able to consolidate problems related to crucial decision making  by using business intelligence, to provide complete and meaningful data to be used as a predictor to make the next beneficial business decisions. These are the three important points of how BI benefit businesses.

Complete analytical Data with insight for decision making.

Interactive user and cost friendly solution

Enhance speed of decision making.