Empowering business with effective logistic management system

We developed a logistic management system that has distinct division and function. The grouping of the complexity of logistic industry should consider aspects of customer, operation team, and decision maker

Digital Transformation is Empowerment

Streamlining phases of logistic process within a business model simplify the burden of dealing with uncontrolled various data. Decision makers can oversee the overall logistics needs of the company as a whole, or even dig deeper into the detail for each respective department. Digital transformation makes businesses operate efficiently, because it will change the way conventional businesses run and enable businesses to gather important data faster. Customer would be able to access product and product information faster; customers are able to self-serve in term of making purchase decision, and selecting product variety. Businesses would also gather information on market trend by not only looking to purchasing trend but also competitor’s performance. In bound businesses, Competitor analysis, and customer self-serve ability are three aspects that form a high performance team.

Identify Focus and Value Development

Overview the three activities aligned upon its potential business growth and process improvement
  1. Account Management
    • Driven by Contract
    • Enable one Company Multi-Location
    • Consolidate Inventory by Client and Contract
    Behavior from Inside to Outside
    • Share client credit info with driver / ground team
    • Enable client to engage as part of the system from account update, choice of package until payment
  2. Operation and Communication
    Internal and External Work Collaboration and Communication
    • Work Coordination with Mobile App
    • Centralized Planner to put Schedule related to Delivery and Pickup
    • Consolidation Point by Zone and last transaction data
    • Empower operation with Next Action decision

Accurate Logistic Management of Offshore Drilling

The system is developed to manage complexity of Contract, Service & Logistic Management with Tender Response and Bidding. The process should be precise and manageable that the system consolidate Processing & Rule Based Validation in addition to providing drill-down analysis reporting.

Benefit of Effective Logistic Management System

We have been able to consolidate obstacles related to logistic performance that resulted in benefit and improvement of the following.
  1. Eliminate inefficiencies
  2. Improved Productivity
  3. Accurate Progress Monitor