Collexe offers digital transformation & IT change management services across range of industries from Environmental Business, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Marine Offshore business, Logistic & Transport, FMCG, to Retail & Distribution sectors. The firm delivers world-class IT solution, business blueprint that associate with the change management, and strategic software development service to emerging business around ASEAN. Collexe Consulting Team specialize in business process reengineering, business modeling and enterprise solutions architecture design, as well as system development to empower client in maximizing their ROI and providing them with the power to extend further business potential.

Collexe focuses on services of the following:

Enterprise Service
  • Tailored Software Solutions
  • Collaboration Platform Deploy & Development
  • Business Process Management / Workflow
Process Consulting
  • Business Model Study & Process Improvement
  • Operation Design in Technological Thinking
  • Business Process Reengineering
Business Insight
  • Design & Advisory on Cooperate Data Warehouse
  • Business Intelligence / Cooperate Performance Platform Implementation

Collexe is a technology consulting firm, providing digital transformation & IT change management advisory services that bridging technologies & business. competitive business work model and visible process improvement.
Being one of the fast growing technology innovation companies, the firm has the flexibility to draw upon the business process optimization & business insight expertise from group of strategic knowledge and technological skilled consultants to help meeting customer needs across the coverage of ASEAN. Presently the company having 40 consultant & highly skilled IT professional across Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia.

Collexe offers expertise across a wide range of industries in the Environmental Business, Financial Services, Hi-Tech, Marine Offshore business, Logistic & Transport, FMCG, Retail & Distribution sectors. The firm delivers world-class IT consulting, solution, and enterprise development services to global clients that include business process optimization, business modeling and enterprise solutions, application development & maintenance, quality assurance & testing, helping our customers to maximize their ROI and providing them with the power to focus. Collexe clients include Department of Environmental Malaysia, Cenviro, SWM, AEON, AirAsia, Nestle MY, Mamee Double Decker, Microsoft, Pactera HK, Strateq Group, Sapura, SHELL, KPOC, Petronas PDB, and many other market leading companies.

Collexe enables its clients to ‘empower potential’ through the strong ability in business modeling with software solutions consultation, architecture design and professional services for wide range of local & global enterprise customer. With this unique differentiation from ordinary software development company, Collexe able to meet clients’ increasing demands and promising deliverable & support

Fast Decision Made for Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods

FMCG industry is primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management.

We have been able to help FMCG business to make decision faster, help to consolidate report, performance, and business indication more accurate. This is done by utilizing business intelligence to evolve the manual work of data analysis from spreadsheet of different departments to a single dashboard.

An interactive business intelligence dashboard lay on complex database; therefore, not only does it provides overview of many aspects of FMCG businesses such as nationwide sales, merchandise performance, and business indicators, but also detail information such as product sales per branch within a given period. This would be impossible to be gathered manually, which usually takes weeks, while it can be done by syncing to database daily with Business Intelligence

Organization capability
Cost reduce
Capital preserve
Profitable growth

“..making the right decision quickly is the different between huge profit and loss.”

Enterprise Service Benefits for Successful Business

Collexe has been able to consolidate problems related to Enterprise business performance by improving within the following aspects.

Alignment Leading to Ongoing Collaboration.

Increased Accountability.

Enhanced Customer Experience.

Alignment Leading to Ongoing Collaboration

Our Enterprise services can unite business units to directly support an organisation’s vision and goals. Defining roles, sharing similar methods, tools and processes will break down silos and foster a more cohesive approach to achieve the following targets:

  • Improve Work Productivity
  • Establishing Governance, Automation & Mobility
  • Consolidate into Single Repository for Monitoring
Increased Accountability.

Implementing enterprise service management processes and tools can provide greater levels of internal controls and an understanding of roles and responsibilities.We have implement an interal management of coordinating Vendor, supplier, shipping, forwarding Agent with Process Automation.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Being able vocalize the service approach and deliver in a consistent and effective enhances the delivery of customer support.