What if you can predict the future? Not only to predict, but also to have a high chance of success in your prediction.
Never miss another golden opportunity to make quick & well informed decision, and to maximize company profit and potential.

In FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industry, management of resources and profits can become quite complex. This is due to aspects such as large number of data involves in transactions, accurate analysis, and data transparency. Data is everything in making well informed move; however, the conventional ways of manual reporting and the use of spreadsheet are cumbersome, and it does not give insight to help making the right decision.

The ability to make decision fast and accurate is the different between survival and success. For example, holding an ad-hoc marketing campaign over certain period of a product trend, can be a huge success only if it’s held on the right moment. On the other hand, fail to hold the campaign mean a huge opportunity miss.

Therefore, analyzing the right data to tackle the most important need of your company ensures your success. Data by itself is useless without the understanding of how it can help you move forward. Collexe understands the need to move forward fast and to grab the opportunity that is presented. With the right consulting and technology, you would see the progress of your company.

Microsoft Business Intelligence consolidates all data and provides simple and interactive tools to translate in FMCG industry. We believe that in utilizing Microsoft Power BI; we can provide a complete consultation and provide you the tool to make the best decision.

What do you need for digital success?

We need to evolve our perception of digital transformation from disruption agents into agent of benefits to improve performance in much higher efficiency. In order to be successful digitally, we need to have agility, innovation, and engagement.

“Digital Transformation is Empowerment”

Digital transformation makes businesses operate efficiently, because it will change the way conventional businesses run and enable businesses to gather important data faster. Customer would be able to access product and product information faster; customers are able to self-serve in term of making purchase decision, and selecting product variety. Businesses would also gather information on market trend by not only looking to purchasing trend but also competitor’s performance. In bound businesses, Competitor analysis, and customer self-serve ability are three aspects that form a high performance team.

Why Empowering FMCG with Business Intelligence?

FMCG evolved to a greater complexity due to the constant challenge of expanding portfolios, ensuring regulation compliance, increasing the efficiency of supply chain, as well as reporting requirements to create new sales channels and growth opportunities

Determine Product Potentials & Performance

Collection of transaction data from all stations and formalize into a data repository. This would enable merchandise team to evaluate on product sales, individual & bundle performance, also on correlation sales and more. Business Intelligence helps establish common baseline to maximise the profit & merchandise marketing efficiency.

Preserving Consumer Value with BI

Consolidating consumer database and marketing survey data for a total of more than 10 years. Consumer marketing team to harvest on target consumer profile that fit the campaign and optimize the segmentation for better planning.

Uncover valuable insight & business opportunity

Fast Decision Made for Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods

FMCG industry is primarily deals with the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods. The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) are those consumables which are normally consumed by the consumers at a regular interval. The industry also engaged in operations, supply chain, production and general management.

We have been able to help FMCG business to make decision faster, help to consolidate report, performance, and business indication more accurate. This is done by utilizing business intelligence to evolve the manual work of data analysis from spreadsheet of different departments to a single dashboard.

An interactive business intelligence dashboard lay on complex database; therefore, not only does it provides overview of many aspects of FMCG businesses such as nationwide sales, merchandise performance, and business indicators, but also detail information such as product sales per branch within a given period. This would be impossible to be gathered manually, which usually takes weeks, while it can be done by syncing to database daily with Business Intelligence

Design Thinking:
Formulating Solution to FMCG ChallEnges

We approach challenges with the mindset of understanding the true nature of our client’s problems, and resolving the problems by looking into various sources that cause them. Utilizing the design thinking method to enrich our knowledge on nuts and bolts of FMCG Industry, we are able to provide solution and insight that truly tackles the challenges our clients face within the FMCG industry.


Efficient and Effective data for decision making


Automate and streamline data processing


Business Intelligence, Data Analyst, and Live Data


Interactive Dashboard of overall overview, and detail access


Feedback for Solution Refining
Important Units for Successful FMCG Business

We has been able to consolidate obstacles related to FMCG business performance by improving within the following units using Business Intelligence:

Territory & People Management

Merchandize Performance.

Global Business Indication.

Territory & People Management

Utilizing data display in Business Intelligence, decision makers can monitor the trend of a given territory of sales or marketing people. Decision makers can focus on certain main products or services that their business produces; decide which product to put more emphasize and make future targets based upon the demand within the area. Decision makers can also monitor the performance of their marketing and sales personal, as a whole or individual. All these can be done anytime where data available for access daily with business intelligence.

Global Business Indication

Utilizing data display in Business Intelligence, decision makers can monitor the trend of a given period which can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or within period needed. Decision makers can focus on certain main products or services that their business produces; decide which product to put more emphasize and make future targets. All these can be done anytime where data available for access daily with business intelligence.

Merchandise Performance

The performance of each product or merchandize can be easily compared by analyzing data on sales and consumer behavior. Provided the data is accurate and up to date at the moment of comparison, business Intelligence enables decision makers to compare live data daily. Therefore, they can decide on improving sales through product grouping for each branch