Group booking automation for more efficient processes and source of potential data

Airasia ticketing service is provided by direct purchase of ticket through Airasia website and also by travel companies that utilize Airasia group booking system. The system has eased the process of group booking by providing a consolidating portal to all stakeholders. 


Manual process of group booking involves the process of sending many inquiry forms and phone calls to limited resources that may not respond in time. It is time consuming and costly, because the more transactions means the limited resources need to be optimized even further.

The issue and difficulty can be solved by automating the process of group booking. The system should be able to cater all the necessary activities and information required by each stakeholder. Travel agent should be able to access information of route and seats availability as well as the ticket pricing prior to completing payment from the system.

The system ease the overall process of group booking, from inquiry, route selection, and completing payment. These process has become more efficient since all the process can be done from one portal. The group booking system has evolved from its main purpose to a more informative system which enables passing direct information such as warning and promotional contents from management to travel agents.

Three Main Improvement Driven by Group Booking System

Group booking system improves three main areas of company’s concerns of a smart and efficient booking system.

  • Automate and streamline of proposal and inquiry

    Group booking portal enables agent to easily book in larger number, upload passenger info, and itinerary per passenger faster; hence, freeing time that is consumed so that more booking orders per working day. All process are consolidated in one connected process of group booking; hence, make business process to be more efficient.

  • Prioritize Potential Customers

    Group booking system simplifies booking process so that business can focus more on improving customer experience, retaining and grow number of loyal followers. Group booking portal simplifies the formulation of travel package, hence giving more focus on the quality of travel package, that focus on specific needs of passengers which in turn improve the travel experience, satisfaction rate, and return customer.

  • Maximizing Customer Building Activities

    Not only that Group booking enables flexibility in accommodating the travel needs of every passenger, this may be in the form of special needs by individual, payment type, and the need of insurance beside other needs, but also provide a report to analyze on genuine frequent passengers, and passenger’s travel patterns. The more service can be provided the higher positive image for the respected businesses.

In Conclusion

Digital transformation of automating group booking activity has simplify the traditional group booking methods. Not only, it speeds up the booking process; but also, the systems eases the management of agents and allocated credit for payments. 

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