Precise Urban Tree Inventory Management System to Manage All Trees Information

Preservation of urban trees is equal to conservation of urban habitat. In order to optimize the preservation process, real data collection and information flows are required to occur efficiently.  


Every stakeholders that are involved in the conservation process need to be able to work  and  and give maximum contribution. In order to fully be effective, it needs a system to keep track of trees inventory with the division of work responsibilities in field workers, management, and contributor.

The system integrate three major modules to successfully support the required works.  The modules are divided in the following:

  • Inventory – Web Portal
  • Inventory – Mobile Application
  • Complaint Management

Inventory – Web Portal

Web Portal access enables management to manage employee, report, inventory, user, and approval. Through the interactive dashboard, management can overview the number of complain,  inventory, heat map of trees coverage over a given area, and gain information based on visual or graph representation.
The web portal enables management to effectively assign a selected area to officer, inventory list to the selected officer, or print tree identification such as unique QR.
 Inventory – Mobile Application
Officer would be able to utilize mobile application to view the assign works and inventory list easily by login based on each person credential. The officer need to update the status once able or unable to locate the trees assigned. Each found tree would be tracked with special ID that was generated in the web portal and assigned to the given officer. 
Officer would be responsible for the update on the trees that were assigned. The officer need to update the following information:
  • Inventory Information 
  • Inspection Information
  • Longitude & Latitude GPS (captured by mobile app)
  • Images of the assigned trees

Complaint Management

This module is to manage any complaint submitted by the public regarding a given tree. Public may scan the unique QR code that is attached in the tree, then the person will be redirected to a web form to capture any complain raised. This complaint will be forwarded by notification to the respected officer that responsible for the tree; any action needed will be manage and assigned from the web portal to the respected officer.
Assigned officer will need to respond to any complaints assigned and respond accordingly, once successfully respond to the complaint The officer need to utilize the mobile application to notify that the complaint has been handled.

In Conclusion

Management, Officer, and public can work together to make sure that the green conservation is successful. A system needs to be placed to handle all the preservation requirements, capture any feedback & complaints; moreover, enables fast respond and action toward certain needs.
We have helped to develop tree inventory management system(TRIS) to consolidate all responsibilities required from all the stakeholders; because we believe that the trees conservation is vital to the longevity of our world. We need to think globally and act locally to contribute to the green conservation

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