Uncover Valuable Insight & Business Opportunity

Increase Business Productivity and Improve Decision-making

Most organization have bussiness insight, is either the information is ready in time or on time for immediate decision making, or not. We empower with reporting that speak numbers, and charting that seems like able to tell fortune.

Empower FMCG Business with Valuable Insight Delivered On Time

FMCG has evolved to a greater complexity due to the constant challenge of expanding portfolios, ensuring regulation compliance, increasing the efficiency of supply chain, as well as reporting requirements to constantly discovery of new sales channels and sustainable growth

Benefits of Establishing Business Intelligence

We help our clients to create value from data-driven insights for process efficiencies. The following outline the benefits of esthablishing business intelligence:

Speed up and improve decision-making

Increase operational efficiency

Optimize internal business processes

Spot business problems that need to be addressed

Identify emerging business and market trends

Develop stronger business strategies

Drive higher sales and new revenues

Gain a competitive edge over rival companies

The Importance of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a critical enabler for the people in FMCG by serving the ‘brain’ behind the automated decisions.

Business intelligence provide insights to simplify process of managing competitive strategy, inventory turnaround and product distribution.





Accelerate Decision-Making


Empowering Decision & Influencing Variables
Information on these factors is crucial, how long the data be ready, how the relation of one factor may impact the others, and the performance of these factors are all important information that need to be ready to make a crucial decision to increase sales or business growth.

Empower Mamee Success with Business Intelligence
We are proud of Mamee recognition as one of the best managed company in Malaysia. We have empower Mamee to make better and faster business decision by implementing business intelligence on the data.

Integrating Business Intelligence to position your Business to Grow
Business needs to leverage on FMCG business intelligence to discover & nature customer based on historical data and pattern of transaction, which in turn to be used for the team to UP SALE products & offer

empower potential.
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