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FMCG retail environment is quite turbulent as groceries and supermarkets need to tackle challenges like shifting consumer lifestyles, increasing competition and evolving channel structures. To thrive and survive, they have no choice but to optimize their work with suppliers, transform the shopping formats and focus on operational efficiencies. 

Four Resolvable Problems FMCG Retailers are Facing Daily

Recently there are many FMCG retail filed for bankruptcy, inability to keep up with constant changes, to the keep up to the constantly changing market preference; are some of the major reasons that cause bankruptcy.

How We can Help

We help our clients to create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights. We do this through four key areas:

Identify customer pattern and behavior

We need to understand our customers, their expectation, and what make them happy

Integrated communication channel

The right information brings about the right decision to be carried out, and how to run the decision depends also on how fast, transparent, and accurate the information is

Improved customer retention management

Customer experience is the most important factor to determine brand loyalty. Never think that your current customers can be easily replaced by new customers

Efficient bottom up management system

improving efficiency work by making an integrated system that can automate on the field activity as well as collecting data is crucial to the survival of the business

Case Studies

Centralized AEON Big campaign and vouchering system for all Malaysia operations

Promotion is the tool that FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies use not only to communicate with prospective clients about companies and their products but also to attract buyer response in a stronger and quicker manner

Improving Mamee’s business decision making ability with business insight

Company with ambitious plans for growth and supporting that growth will require the ability to inform key business decisions. The company’s legacy system had proved a bottleneck to this ambition, with a laborious database that was both cumbersome and frustrating to utilize

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