Green Conservation

Awareness on conservation and implementation strategies need to be increased. It will benefit to reductions in air pollution, stormwater, building energy, and carbon emissions

Managing Urban Forests: A Much Needed Conservation Strategy to Increase Ecosystem Services and Urban Wellbeing

Megacities contain at least 10 million people whose wellbeing largely depends on ecosystem services provided by remote natural areas. What is, however, most often disregarded is that nature conservation in the city can also contribute to human wellbeing benefits.

How We can Help

We help to create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights. We do this through four key areas:

Real-time Mobile Data Capturing

Mobile application enables flexibility and ease of use for field workers to capture and send real data to database repository 

All in one access management

Increase efficiency and maintenance of work for every stakeholders, by providing one single management portal for data entry, source of data, and business insight.

Cost Reduction

Reducing the logistic cost in capturing data, mobility, and shorten time to interchange data internally.

Identifying and improve efficiency

Enable sharing information with ease and fast among stakeholders, and responding to complaint or situation in timely manner.

Case Studies

Precise Urban Tree Inventory Management System to Manage All Trees Information

Preservation of urban trees is equal to conservation of urban habitat. In order to optimize the preservation process, real data collection and information flows are required to occur efficiently.

Efficient Application of Artificial intelligence to Identify and Treat E-Waste

Waste  electrical  and  electronic  equipment  (WEEE)  is  becoming  major  thread  to  the  whole  world.  Its  toxic emissions  mixed  with  virgin  soil  and  air  and  causing  harmful  effects  to  the  entire  biota  either  directly  or indirectly.

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