Group Booking & Revenue Automation

The strict competition within the aviation industry force businesses to operate with maximum efficiency, this would include the availability and price per ticket, wider range of destinations, and proper management of registered agents.

Making a competitive and sustainable business

Collexe has developed a comprehensive group booking system, tailored to the needs of Air Asia. This system improves three main areas of company’s concerns of a smart and efficient group booking system.

How We can Help

We help our clients to create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights. We do this through four key areas:

Automate and streamline of proposal and inquiry

Group booking portal enables agent to easily book in larger number, upload passenger info, and itinerary per passenger faster; hence, freeing time that is consumed so that more booking orders per working day.

Maximizing Customer Building Activities

Group booking system simplifies booking process so that business can focus more on improving customer experience, retaining and grow number of loyal followers.

Prioritize Potential Customers

Provide am analysis on genuine frequent passengers, and passenger’s travel patterns. The more service can be provided the higher positive image for the respected businesses.

Centralized management system

All process are consolidated in one connected process of group booking; hence, make business process to be more efficient.

Case Studies

Discovering New Source of Revenue through Pattern of Group Booking

Travelling pattern based upon data collected from group booking transaction provides a view of new travel repetitions. In order to fully benefit from this regular travel behaviors; Airasia needs to  improve and adjust the business according to the travel trends.

Group booking automation for more efficient processes and source of potential data

Airasia ticketing service is provided by direct purchase of ticket through Airasia website and also by travel companies that utilize Airasia group booking system. The system has eased the process of group booking by providing a consolidating portal to all stakeholders.

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