Hazardous Waste Management

We care of the wellbeing of our environment; therefore, we would like to contribute in the best possible way we can by making waste management system that is more comprehensive and eco-friendly.

Environmental pollution from illegal waste disposal

Even if you aren’t the one committing the crime, you’re still the one paying for it — in more ways than one. There are the obvious ways that you are affected, from neighborhood blight to the negative stigma that comes with it. On top of that, waste pollutes the local environment and places a financial burden on you if the city needs to step in for the cleanup.

How We can Help

Our streamline system has contributed in significant improvement of Eco Waste Management system within impact of the following:

Establishing Governance

Develop a system that consolidates all waste management processes, from waste generation until treatment. Hence, respected party may overview the overall processes

Improved Productivity

Automate and digitizing traditional waste management processes, for faster and cost efficient productivity

Procedure Accuracy

Reducing human error by developing an informative system which constructed strictly to obey the law and regulation

Identifying and improve efficiency

Reducing all time consuming routine processes, by developing a smart system that able to detect and provide complete information rapidly

Case Studies

Centralized Consolidation System that Overviews overall Hazardous Waste Management Process

All waste generated are subject to strict rule and regulation. These laws are binding to all waste management stakeholders from waste generator to the point of how the waste is securely disposed.

Laboratory Information Management System that Automate Process of Waste Handling

Effectively manage laboratory samples and the associated data, thus standardizing operations by maintaining workflows, tests, and reporting procedures. With the growing needs of laboratories

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