Sustainable Transport Management

Streamlining phases of logistic process within a business model simplify the burden of dealing with uncontrolled various data. Decision makers can oversee the overall logistics needs of the company as a whole, or even dig deeper into the detail for each respective department.

Empowering business with effective logistic management system

We developed a logistic management system that has distinct division and function. The grouping of the complexity of logistic industry should consider aspects of customer, operation team, and decision maker.

How We can Help

We help our clients to create value from process efficiencies and data-driven insights. We do this through four key areas:

Customer Profiling & Account Management

Customer Profile Registration & Contract Repository Promote single point of view in account management

Service & Process Management

Precise scheduling job and effectively record activities within the designated work order for further updates.

Item & Inventory Management

Execute delivery & collection jobs with mobile app seamlessly anywhere & anytime, for improved SOP, transaction validation & on-the-fly decision

Business Insight & Reporting

From Standard Reporting to Self-service business intelligence capabilities with rich interactive visualization on performance based charting.

Case Studies

Accurate Management of Petronas' Offshore Logistic Needs

The oil and gas industry demands the highest standards in Logistic Management. The complexity and scale of the projects,┬áin some of the world’s most difficult terrains and most remote locations, require proven expertise and total reliability.

Centralized AEON Big campaign and Vouchering system for all Malaysia operations

Promotion is the tool that FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies use not only to communicate with prospective clients about companies and their products but also to attract buyer response in a stronger and quicker manner

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