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Team Member Benefits

Fun and Games

Because fun and game will make you feel better, right? We are all agree to be happy and reduce our stress level, so which one is your favorite game? We provide various games for you just in case you need them to work better and feeling happy? We surely don’t mind!

Event and Celebrations

A workplace celebration brings the members together for one purpose. The celebration helps create a sense of team unity for the members. The events and celebrations provide an enjoyable break from the regular routine of the workplace such as Birthday Celebration, Corporate Dinner, BBQ Party, etc.

Paid Time Off

Paid Vacation and Medical Coverage for all team members designed for employees to take time away from work for reasons unrelated to illness, including moving days and doctor’s appointments. Because we know you need a break once in a while.

Coffee Corner

Better Coffee, Happier Teams. Coffee Corner completes with our premium ingredients ensure high quality beverages.  We provide a self service coffee machines with unlimited coffee supply. When you have a coffee bar, almost everyone will say yes. Thank you coffee!

Team Building Activities

In a fast-moving, high-pressure tech environment, it’s important to take a break. The brain is a muscle, and while working it out will strengthen it, it’s also important to give it a rest and let it recover. Team building activities and games are supposed to be not only educational, but also enjoyable. They help the team learn about each other — how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun. Because teams that bond together, succeed together.

Snack Station

Office Snack Party, why not? We do it everyday here! Feeling bored while working in front of your laptop? Just grab some snacks from our snack station! Would you like to say “no” to cheese balls?

Global Exposure

A successful team always stick and improve together.
It is essential to expose ourselves to global market and gain valuable experience.
Below are some of our recent participation in big technological events.

Social Responsibilty

We believe to not forget those who are in needs.
We love to give back to the community and make their day brighter, bring smile to those who need it the most.

Fun Activities

We believe in the balance between work and play.
Where not only having fun, but also bonding with each other, and a lot of dinners together.

Feel Supported and Inspired as You Create Your Own Path.

To truly develop yourself, you have to challenge established thinking. You have to seek a better way.

At Collexe, you forge your own path: immersing yourself in new challenges, broadening your knowledge, and deepening your expertise. We encourage you to never stop exploring and to challenge yourself. You will experience accelerated growth and build a platform for future success as a leader. Our long-standing commitment to career sustainability allows you to build the work experience that is best for you.

Joining Collexe family means support, inspiration, flexibility, and countless opportunities to grow and learn. Collexe is the place for people who want to make an impact on business and society. We form meaningful partnerships with our clients to solve complex challenges and shape the future together. Collexian support and inspire each other to explore new approaches and discover key insights that lead to lasting change. Here, you create your own path and develop a platform for success.

Software Developer

UI/UX Developer

Database Developer

Frontend Developer

Software Developer

  • Work in close collaboration with system analysts and engineers in using languages such as VB.Net / C# to develop Web Business Systems, WCF / Web Services / API
  • Assist in developing and implementing of web-based system for enterprise clients
  • Capable of understanding and delivering development according to plan
  • Understanding software development lifecycle, solution, implementation, support and others
  • Potentially involve in system design with flow charts and systems diagrams to assist in system analysis
  • Performing research and evaluating existing systems, writing software and mainframe computer job control systems, and testing systems to make sure that they operate smoothly
  • Involvement on configures, tests, debugs software and documents programs according to the compliance of the company or customer defined standards, policies and procedures
  • Work with the Business Analysts and Project Leader to clarify requirements and configuration steps for current application requirements
  • Collaborate with the Consultant for preparing of test data, procedure for efficient conduct of unit and integration testing
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science/Information Technology, Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Science & Technology, or equivalent (different majors are welcome but should send his/her portfolio)
  • Required skill(s): Microsoft SQL Server, .Net (VB / C#) (experienced in other programming language are essential, fundamental of the mentioned skillset are required)
  • Optional skill(s): MVC, Web API or Other System Integration (e.g. SAP) Experiences
  • Required language(s): English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • Applicants must be willing to work in Surabaya
  • Full-Time position available only

UI/UX Developer

  • Work closely with web and mobile developer to apply creative designs on web and mobile interfaces.
  • Primary goals will be to design the next generation of mobile websites, apps, and other mobile interfaces
  • Develop intuitive, usable, and engaging interactions and visual designs for mobile or web.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams throughout the design process for optimize experience.
  • Effectively organize and communicate conceptual ideas and design rationale to the wider development team.
  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Art/Design/Creative Multimedia or equivalent.
  • Outstanding graphic design skills, with a execellence understanding of typography, intuitive layouts and palate development.
  • Excellent experience on responsive and adaptive design principles and UI/UX best practices.
  • Great understanding of user-experience design for mobile and web, technology trends, demonstrable design skills, and ability to show relevant work.
  • Expert level skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InvisionApp, UXPin and other relevant design tools.
  • Required language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, English
  • At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor) specialized in Arts/Creative/Graphics Design or equivalent.

Database Developer

  • Strong SQL expertise. Can write a query to do almost anything within Database Server.
  • SQL server administration experience. Have the basics of running Microsoft SQL Server — users, permission, backups, recovery, monitoring, and that sort of thing.
  • Ability to create SQL reports and ETL experience is a plus.
  • Assist in day-to day activities of report development assignments for a variety of clients including data management product implementation, life cycle support and others.
  • Involvement on configures, test, examine data align documenting report design according to the compliance of the company or customer defined standards, policies and procedures.
  • Works with the Bussiness Analyst and Project Leader to clarify requirements and configuration steps for current report requirements.
  • Assist in developing and implementing report development or data warehouse projects.
  • Database tuning experience. Help making database faster by running diagnostics and doing query optimization and other performance tuning.
  • Ability to work in an Agile environment. Address bugs with QA, plan schemas with engineering, and respond quickly to other business needs.
  • Knowledge and know-how to troubleshoot potential issues, and experience with best practices around database operations.
  • Candidate must possess at least a Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science/Information Technology, Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Science & Technology, or equivalent (different majors are welcome but should send his/her portfolio).
  • Required skill(s) : Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server (Stored Procedure, T-SQL Scripting).
  • Optional skill(s): Microsoft SQL Integration Service (SSIS), SQL Analysis Service (SSAS).
  • Essential knowledge on Oracle and Apache Hadoop.
  • Required language(s): English, Bahasa Indonesia.
  • At least 2 years’ experience required.
  • Full-Time position available only.

Frontend Developer

  • Responsible for timely documentation of technical design and specifications in accordance with the business specifications and Allianz project standards.
  • Ensure timely completion of business application coding with project schedule.
  • Compliance of frontline development functions to System Development Guideline and Standards.
  • Quality of frontline systems developed and implemented in fulfilling system specifications and user requirements.
  • Constant communication with team members/users/vendors
  • Keeping up to date with advances in computer technology and how this affects the business environment.
  • Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree, in Computer Science/Information Technology, Science & Technology, or equivalent.
  • At least 3 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Good Web Programming Skills: HTML5, CSS3.
  • Proficient in Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Angular 4, TypeScript.
  • Experience in developing application in HTML5 which sharing codes across multiple platforms, APIs, cross-browser compatibility are added advantages.
  • Highly adaptable and ability to pick up new skills in a short period of time.
  • Good Interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Committed and able to work under pressure to meet assignment deadline.
  • Willing to work in Malaysia. (optional)